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Some reference sites related to BizUnit

  1. BizUnit overview: http://blogs.msdn.com/kevinsmi/archive/2005/07/17/439728.aspx
  2. Walk through of how to use the BizUnit: http://biztalkia.blogspot.com/2007/03/getting-started-with-nunit-and-bizunit.html
  3. I suggest that you go through the URL above and actually implement the sample code.
  4. Other useful tools (they will make sense once you do the walk through)

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Debug View Gotchas

One of the best debugging tool we use in our everyday life as a developer is debugview.
Many of us nowadays use virtual server and use remote desktop connections for development.

If you are writing some Trace.Write message from BizTalk to debugview, you wont be able to see the messages. Login to the remote desktop using the "/console" switch so its like working on the console directly.

The interesting fact is that DebugView was able to catch the Trace from a sample .net console app.

Hope it saves someone sometime!

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Pipeline Testing – BizTalk

A good pipeline testing library has been published by Tomas Restrepo, which makes pipeline testing easier than using MS – PIPELINE.exe tool. Check this page/ tool for more information.


Tool : Pipeline Testing Library

Refer to this article from Michael Stephenson which gives a detailed explanation on using this library for pipeline testing.