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Remove Ctrl+Alt+Del in Windows 7

1. Klick Start->Run->secpol.msc
2. Navigate to Local policies -> Security options

3.  Navigate to “Interactive Logon: Do not require CTRL+ALT+DEL” set it to Enabled.


Now you don’t have to press Ctrl+Alt+Del every time you log in.


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Transfer P4V bookmarks manually


How can I transfer my P4V bookmarks from one machine to another?


In P4V 2008.1 and later, bookmarks are saved in:

Note that xxxx is a number defined in “.p4qt/connectionmap.xml” for a specific connection to the server.

Currently, there is no built-in method to transfer bookmarks from one machine to another. A possible workaround is to:

Identify the xxxx number in “connectionmap.xml” on the source client machine, and the xxxx number in “connectionmap.xml” on the target client machine.
Then, copy the “bookmarks.xml” file from the source machine to the corresponding “.p4qt/xxxxClients/” folder on the target machine.

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Visual Studio Silent Install


I found a couple of interesting articles as I was setting up my new machine

Visual Studio Install: http://mycodelog.com/2010/09/28/silentvs/

sql 2008 silent install: http://mycodelog.com/2010/09/28/sqlsilent/

And also ninite.com is a nice little utility that can be used to install a lot of commonly used applications.