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Lucene, .Net & Full Text Search in General

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This post is a work in progress

Update added a new presentation from ndc2012


Good articles:

Another good Search  Engine tool with .net Support: 
Using latest version of Lucene: http://www.wickedsoftware.net/lucene-net/lucene-net-refresher
How to store Key Fields (Link)
There are many out-of-date examples out there on deleting with an id field. The code below will work with Lucene.NET 2.4.It’s not necessary to open an IndexReader if you’re already using an IndexWriter or to access IndexSearcher.Reader. You can use IndexWriter.DeleteDocuments(Term), but the tricky part is making sure you’ve stored your id field correctly in the first place. Be sure and use Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED as the index setting on your id field when storing the document. This indexes the field without tokenizing it, which is very important, and none of the other Field.Index values will work when used this way:

IndexWriter writer = new IndexWriter("\MyIndexFolder", new StandardAnalyzer()); var doc = new Document(); var idField = new Field("id", "MyItemId", Field.Store.YES, Field.Index.NOT_ANALYZED); doc.Add(idField); writer.AddDocument(doc); writer.Commit(); 

Now you can easily delete or update the document using the same writer:

Term idTerm = new Term("id", "MyItemId"); writer.DeleteDocuments(idTerm); writer.Commit();

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