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MsHTML is not GAC-ed

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We were trying to debug a issue where the install of a Smart Client App was throwing an error that mshtml is not GAC-ed. And we were unable to GAC-it manually as well.

on Googling, we were able to find an article which addressed this issue and resolved it.


From MS-Forums article

I’ve run across the same error.  The Interesting thing with my error, is that the “required” assembly is a referenced assembly from within a referenced library of my application.

I found this posted elsewhere, and it solved my problem:

Ok so I went to the properties page of the project…

went to the publish tab…

clicked the “Application Files…” button…

Then changed the files in question (Microsoft.mshtml.dll and stdole.dll) from “Prerequisite” to “Include”, I then republished the project and everything worked like a charm.


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