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Save as PDF or XPS plugin

Save as PDF or XPS office 2007 plugin from MS site



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synchronous and asynchronous calls to orchestration scott woodgate article



Link to Archive file

Article Contents:

Thanks for coming along to TechEd EMEA/Uniform Seq Convoy Sample

I had a lot of fun chatting with many of you.  I’ve had several requests for the uniform sequential convoy sample (which shows you how to create a singleton orchestration controller that limits instantiations of child orchestrations to a set number using a loop, some composition and convoy of course) and the composition samples.  I just wrapped them up with a binding file from my hard-drive so let me know if you have trouble.

Make sure you create the c:\scott woodgate\sequentialconvoysample\filedrops\in directory (it is blank so not created by the zip) and likewise the c:\scott woodgate\callorchestrationsyncasync\in directory (likewise) before running the sample.

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WII Presenter Some cool stuff with WII remote


Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote


For some of the interesting projects with WII look at this page



Article archive:

Low-Cost Multi-point Interactive Whiteboards Using the Wiimote

Since the Wiimote can track sources of infrared (IR) light, you can track pens that have an IR led in the tip. By pointing a wiimote at a projection screen or LCD display, you can create very low-cost interactive whiteboards or tablet displays. Since the Wiimote can track upto 4 points, up to 4 pens can be used. It also works great with rear-projected displays.
The calibration and mouse cursor emulation software is available for you to download and try yourself. Note: My mouse emulation code isn’t perfect. If any of you are programmers and can get it working with Alias Sketchbook, drop me a line.
1. Connect your wiimote to your PC via Bluetooth. If you don’t know how to do this, you can follow this tutorial. I’ve been told it works with other Bluetooth drivers, but I have not tested them myself. You can report compatibility issues on the SourceForge:WiimoteWhiteboard – Help Forum
2. Download the Wiimote Whiteboard software to the right. Please read the "READ ME.txt" file first! Make sure your wiimote is connected via bluetooth, and then run the ".exe" in the main folder. NOTE: Good placement of the wiimote is key to good tracking. View the README for more info.
Multitouch: The multitouch demos are custom C# DirectX programs. You may download the sample program to the right, but this is provided for developers without support or documentation. The code is built on top of this Wiimote library. Unfortunately, multi-touch capable applications are currently extremely rare. Hopefully, that will change as more developers explore its potential.
Building pens: Here is a simple schematic of the light pen. The LEDs that I use are Vishay TSAL6400s running at 100mA, but lots of other LEDs will work too. You also might be able to jump start your experimentation by retro-fitting a mini keychain light with an IR LED. I’m currently looking into manufacturing and selling IR pens, but this may take several months.
Mac/Linux Versions: Due to personal time contraints, I’ve had to hand off Mac and linux development to other members of the Source Forge Project – Wiimote Whiteboard. Check there if a release has been made. If you are a Mac/Windows/Linux developer, please help spread the love and join the project. A lot of people are waiting to use your software.You can subscribe to updates at my Project Blog [procrastineering.com] .
A visit to this project’s FAQ and Advanced Discussion post may be very englightening. You may also find the official discussion forums for my wiimote projects helpful: WiimoteProject.com

Youtube Video Link

Links to tools


Multipoint Calibration

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MS Time Zone (Multiple Time Zone Time display)

I have the issue of looking at many time zones, I query google at times as "TIME IN INDIA" to get the time there. But when I am not connected this is a neat little that is of great use.

MS Time Zone:  I have added this for my personal use. You can get it downloaded from MS Site. Download Link

If the balloon feature is disable use the below key to enable it.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


Download from my blog.

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Storing User Custom Settings

While I was googling to get some information, came across this little topic on how to store user settings(like recently opened file, form location, etc) without using Xml or ini or registry.

The answer is Isolated Store. This feature helps to store the information embedded in the assembly and specific to the user.

Article Resource: http://www.reflectionit.nl/Articles/UserSettings.aspx

And the sample app can be downloaded from here

There is another excellent article in codeproject which explains this http://www.codeproject.com/KB/dotnet/user_settings.aspx


Side Note: A time saver I guess for drag & drop list box implementation http://www.reflectionit.nl/DragDrop.aspx.

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Access to web in a Splash (Splashtop)

Checking Google Map to get some directions after you shutdown your computer?

Making a Voip call from starbucks/ airport while you are travelling and worried someone might get in to your system.

Tired of waiting those 2-3 minutes just to check an email?

Here comes the answer Splashtop.

Its a Linux based OS, which can boot in an instant and give acess to web browser, skype, etc. Check the Video here.