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My Pre-Requisites

1. Blog Engine shouldn’t use a database (SQL, MY SQL, Access,etc)
2. Should be built using .Net, free, easy to setup and maintain.
3. Integrate with Windows Live Writer

As I had used Das Blog before because it uses XML as the data-store I thought of giving it a try.

Bingo! It just took me 10 minutes to get it installed and start blogging. And in 15 minutes I was ready to post my blog from Windows Live Writer.

Here are the steps to how I got it done.

Setup DasBlog

1. Goto http://www.dasblog.info/. Download the (dasBlog 2.0.7226.0) related file from source forge following this Download link (or) follow the download instructions from DasBlog site to download the latest version.

2. Follow the instructions from this website (http://dasblog.info/SetupInstall.aspx). (or) follow this instructions taken from dasblog.info site

1. Copy files
Copy all files into your "dasblogce" folder or IIS site root keeping the folder structure intact.
2. Important Pemissions & configuration files:
* On IIS 5.0 (Windows 2000), the account used to execute web applications (IWAM_xxx) needs read/write permissions to the content, siteconfig, and logs subdirectories. 
* The ASP.NET worker process identity, usually “{machinename}\ASPNET” on IIS5.0 (Windows 2000 and Windows XP) or “NETWORK SERVICE” on IIS 6.0 (Windows Server 2003) also need read/write access to the content, siteconfig, and logs subdirectories. 
* Go to the siteConfig directory in (likely in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\{sitename}) and open the site.config file. In that file, change the settings (quite obvious when you look at them). The most important change is to set the <Root> value to the proper URL for your weblog
* Open the siteSecurity.config in the same directory and set up your own account with a proper password.

3. Once done you are all set to post your first blog.

Integrating with Windows Live Writer

Scott HanselMan is our hero. He has done all the hard work for us to integrate the Windows Live Writer to DasBlog.
Follow this link for how to do it http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WindowsLiveWriterBeta2DasBlogAndTheCustomizationAPI.aspx

Simple Steps:

1. Download the manifest zip file from "Windows Live Writer DasBlog Integration"
2. Unzip the contents to the Root Folder
3. Open Windows Live Writer and give the Root Url of the blog, then follow the Live writer wizard.

We are all set to post your blog!


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